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//Health// Let there be light!

I don't think I have to tell anyone, this winter has been one of the bleakest, dreariest in decades. It seems that we have barely seen the sun since the end of November. Here and there a stolen hour of sunshine but the rest was clouded by a very grey sky. If you, like me,... Continue Reading →

>> 2017 : retrospective

I have been neglecting my blog...quite utterly. Next year, I'll use this for more updates, not just about food. 2017 is coming to a close...on a personal note, I've started to eat more and more vegan and I was delighted that it's easy to cook fantastic meals with amazing flavours while all ingredients are plant... Continue Reading →

>>Review: Tom Hunt – The Natural Cook : Eating the Seasons from Root to Fruit

I have been sustaining quite an addiction to cookbooks. And thanks to my friend Marian, I got to know Tom Hunt. I've since become an avid fan of his cooking. The book is about how to use seasonal fruit and veggies but not just the usual parts, let's say but also the parts we usually... Continue Reading →

The Good Life <<

As a child, I used to love The Good Life. The adventures of Tom and Barbara trying to be self-sufficient with the necessary successes and downfalls and both admired and scolded by their neighbours Margot and Jeremy. Ah Margot, such a style icon. Now though, the lifestyle of Tom and Barbara seems more and more... Continue Reading →

Getting Yammy With It<<

Let me talk about the least favourite time of the month for women. Periods. Some women are lucky enough to breeze right through it, other aren't so lucky. I used to be in infernal hell for about a week. As I grew older, it got better but about a year ago, it was all very... Continue Reading →

The Mysterious World of Herbs & Spices <<

Herbs & spices. I love them. I got loads of them. But unless I'm cooking something following a recipe, I'm often at a loss when to use what. Now, however, I got a book on that.  Herbs & Spices - The Cook's Reference is a wonderfully colourful book. It's a revised edition, adding all the... Continue Reading →

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